BEM II - Preparing and conducting meetings effectively
Modular online seminar with high practical relevance

Conduct BEM discussions. Company integration management (BEM) is aimed at employees who have been absent due to illness for more than six weeks within a twelve-month period. The employer is obliged to offer the affected employees a BEM meeting. By taking action at an early stage, the aim is to increase individual chances of overcoming incapacity to work, preventing illness and retaining employment. In addition to managers and the HR department, the works or staff council plays an important role throughout the entire BEM process. In our training programme, we therefore train all those involved in conducting constructive and beneficial BEM discussions.

Participation in the BEM process is voluntary. The onus is on the employer to take the initiative in company integration management by inviting the sick employee to an initial meeting and pointing out the objectives of the process. However, a mandatory prerequisite for the initiation of a BEM process is the consent of the person concerned. If the person refuses to participate in a BEM meeting, the procedure is terminated immediately. However, if the employee accepts the invitation, the works council or staff council checks that the legal requirements are being met. It is also the point of contact for the person concerned and exercises its co-determination rights with regard to specific measures resulting from company integration management.

Contents Bem II - Preparing and conducting meetings effectively

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This modular online seminar is aimed at anyone involved in the BEM process. The overall concept comprises 3 online modules of 2 hours each.

We provide a practical overview of all relevant aspects of the BEM process.

Our seminars "Conducting BEM discussions" fulfil the criteria of Section 37 (6) of the Works Constitution Act (BetrVG). They can also be booked as in-house events.