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Perspective advice

Successful companies that want to grow profitably and at the same time operate sustainably and socially must face up to constant change. Employees are also faced with the challenge of reflecting on their employability and professional skills and facing up to current developments and trends. Perspective counselling is useful at such times. 

Han of a businessman choosing plan B in conceptual image.

The aim of the perspective discussions for employees is to reflect on their own situation, develop short and long-term perspectives and strengthen their own motivation and satisfaction. Possible insights can be gained during this process:

"I am very well qualified and can develop further with my employer."

"I lack qualifications that I can or must acquire in order to keep my position or develop further."

"I have skills and qualifications that my employer neither knows nor uses."

"There is a need for clarification with superiors or colleagues."

"I no longer feel comfortable with my tasks / in my area / with my supervisor and decide to change jobs."

"I want to develop in a completely different and new direction."

Duration / Organisation

Perspective discussions for employees

Introduction and building trust between counsellor and employee, assessment of current situation (current individual situation, fears, hopes,
experiences etc.).

Work out your own values, inclinations, strengths and orientations. What motivates me? What demotivates me?
⇒ Deepening the contents with increased hours

Work out your own direction: internal or external? In the industry or outside? In the job profile or a new start?
 with increased hours: With personalised opportunity check. What are my current personal opportunities on the labour market?

Are there useful further training opportunities? Why haven't I used them so far? Why do I want to use them now?

Together, the decision is clearly formulated in writing and "signed" by the employee as a goal.

Together, we work out very specifically what resources and support are needed to achieve the goal and where the help can come from.
 Deepening with increased hours

A written plan summarises the decision and the individual implementation steps for the employee in very concrete terms.
Deepening with increased hours

Each possible alternative (A, B, C.....) is analysed in detail: What speaks in favour of this perspective? What speaks against it?
Where are the opportunities? Where are the risks? Facts bring certainty.

Change perspectives

Tools in perspective counselling

In perspective counselling, different tools are used, adapted to the coachee's individual situation.

Further steps can be planned on the basis of a well-considered decision and the conscious rejection of possible alternatives.

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