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Conflict management

Wherever people come together, conflicts arise.

Interpersonal conflicts are also inevitable in a professional setting. Colleagues among themselves, managers with employees or at management level repeatedly encounter differences of opinion or personal disputes. These conflicts are carried out covertly or openly and often put a strain on the entire environment. In a good working relationship, we rely on these conflicts being resolved. 

Discussions and negotiations between employers and works councils play a special role in conflict counselling. This is because, in addition to the different ideas of the parties involved, statutory and collectively agreed regulations must also be taken into account.

GS Consult GmbH brings employers and employee representatives together in difficult situations and moderates cooperation in change processes. With the help of an "uninvolved" third party, new solutions and more professional communication usually develop in the event of conflicts.

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Independent and neutral conflict counselling. 

GS Consult GmbH has extensive experience and in-depth expertise in this specialised field. We accompany the upcoming negotiations and moderate them with the necessary independence and neutrality. We then work with you to develop the best possible model for an agreement that is acceptable to all parties. On request, we can also evaluate its implementation.

Conflict management


Mediation is a structured process that allows the parties to a conflict to find a solution. Not dealing with conflicts is a luxury. They cost money, time, company resources and valuable energy. 

Conflict management

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Conflicts in teams can have very different causes and develop different dynamics. The potential for conflict is particularly high during change processes in which the team members have not yet stabilised their cooperation. 

Different formats can be used in conflict management both preventively and reactively.

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