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BEM - A Guide

Introduction to Corporate Integration Management (BEM)

Dear employees,

Welcome to our guide to workplace integration management (BEM). Here you can find out how BEM can help support your health and ability to work when you have health challenges.

The BEM is our way of ensuring that you receive the best possible support when you return from a period of leave. This guide explains the process of BEM, its benefits for you and our company, and the privacy of your health data.

We are here to support you. If you have any questions about the BEM, we are here to help.

BEM - Our approach to support you in health challenges.

It is a structured process designed to help you return to work seamlessly after an extended absence due to illness or other reasons.

Essentially, BEM is about finding individual solutions. It takes into account your personal needs and provides adjustments in the work environment to ensure that you can perform your tasks effectively and in a way that promotes your health.

The BEM ensures that your health and well-being are at the centre. It enables open communication between you, your supervisors and the relevant professionals to plan and implement the best possible measures.

Our goal with BEM is to support you and make sure you feel comfortable and supported at work. In this way, together we can help to create a healthy working environment.

When is BEM applied?

BEM comes into play if you have been absent for a longer period of time for health reasons, for example due to illness. As soon as you have been unable to work for more than six weeks within a 12-month period, the company integration management comes into effect.

What happens during the BEM?

CaptureIf you have been absent for more than six weeks, we offer you a meeting to discuss your situation.

Offered conversationWe invite you to a confidential discussion. Here you can express your concerns and share your current situation.

Analysis of working conditionsIn this step, we will analyse your tasks and the working environment together with you and possibly a company medical service in order to identify adjustments.

Action planningBased on the analysis, we develop an individual action plan that supports you in your return to work.

Implementation of the measuresWe are implementing the measures set out in the plan to ensure that your return goes smoothly.

What are the benefits of BEM?

Company integration management (BEM) offers you as employees many advantages:

Individual supportBEM adapts to your needs and offers individual solutions for a smooth return to work.

Open communicationThe BEM process encourages open conversations about your health and any challenges.

Health promotionAdaptations in the workplace will promote your health and well-being.

ConfidentialityYour privacy is respected and your health information is kept confidential.

Smooth returnBEM helps to make the transition from time off to everyday work as easy as possible.

Our goal is your well-being.

Company integration management (BEM) brings numerous advantages not only for you, but also for our company:

Retention of skilled workersBEM helps to keep qualified employees in the company by supporting their return to work after a period of leave.

Healthy working environment: By making adjustments in the workplace, BEM promotes a healthy working environment for all.

Efficiency increase: A smooth return allows work to resume more quickly, which can increase productivity.

Positive corporate cultureBEM shows that we care about the well-being of our employees, which promotes a positive corporate culture.

Long-term savingsPromoting health can reduce the costs of sick leave in the long term.

BEM - Confidential and Protected.

Your privacy is our highest priority. Your health data will be treated confidentially and protected in accordance with data protection guidelines. Only relevant persons are informed and your consent is obtained beforehand.


If you have any questions or need further information on occupational integration management (BEM), please do not hesitate to contact us:


[Name of contact person] [Telephone number] [E-mail address]


Your wellbeing is important to us and we are here to support you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need support or have any questions.


The guidelines for the BEM procedure in your company can look something like this. It should contain a short introduction, a description of what BEM is and when BEM is applied. In addition, the guide should address the procedure, the advantages for employees and the company. It should then be rounded off with information on confidentiality and data protection and a list of contact persons for the BEM procedure in the company.

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