Leadership and health

The physical and mental health of employees is a basic prerequisite for the success of any company. Managers play a crucial and often underestimated role in this. As numerous studies have shown, their behaviour has a significant impact on the health of employees. Healthy leadership can reduce stress in the workplace, while poor leadership can trigger and increase sickness-related absences.

Healthy leadership increases productivity.
In times of steadily increasing mental illness, health-promoting leadership behaviour is therefore becoming a valuable tool. Healthy leadership strengthens the motivation and performance of employees and thus increases productivity at the same time. In addition, healthy leadership, taking into account stress management and time management, also has a very positive effect on the attractiveness of the employer.

Managers should practise healthy leadership.
In our management seminar, we train employees with personnel responsibility on how to manage their employees in a healthy way using simple methods. This also involves reflecting on their own health and leadership behaviour. In our seminar, we show why health is a top priority and the extent to which the role model function of managers plays an important role.

Contents of the training

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