Separation management

Creating a fair culture of change and separation. The aim of professional change and separation management is to ensure that the least possible damage is done to the employees concerned and the company. After a change or separation, both sides should be able to look each other in the eye. For the employees affected by the change or termination, it is important that the talks are conducted respectfully and that perspectives for the professional change or for a new start are pointed out.

We conduct webinars and seminars for managers on the topic of "Leading in change and separation scenarios". through. Here, managers receive the necessary tools for dealing with changes and separations in the company in a contemporary way. Participants in our training receive practical answers to all the questions that managers face in this explosive situation.


Separation management

Separation hurts. The aims of the seminar are to ensure a framework for fair dealings with the persons concerned, both in reflection as a manager and in practice. 

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